Weighted loop subdivision for Rhino7

Hello! I’m really a beginner in rhino as in grasshopper
I am following a tutorial to make a concrete shell type roof, but when it is time to subdivide the surface the tutorial proposes to use “weighted loop subdivision” which from what I investigated comes in a plugin called “mesh+” but I only find that plugin up to Rhino4, and I’m working on Rhino7 … I tried to find some command that already comes in kangaroo2 to do it but the ones that I think can be useful for me, I don’t know what values ​​to load to generate them.
The easy question would be, do you know if this plugin called mesh+ exists for rhino 7? the difficult one would be how to solve it with another similar command …
I copy the link of the tutorial, what I comment on this from minute 6:46

I appreciate the time spent in advance !!


Have your tried the Refine component from Kangaroo 2?

I believe Mesh+ does work in Rhino 7 and is on Food4Rhino.
From what I can see in that video though, they don’t appear to actually be using any of the weighting functions on that component, but are just subdividing the default meshing of a surface, which could be done in many other ways. You could construct the base mesh directly and subdivide it (using Refine as @diff-arch says, or Weaverbird, or Mesh+), or you could plug the surface into TriRemesh to get a mesh of similar sized triangles.