Mesh+ not working in Rhino 6, also Shell.ghuser?

Hi, all.
I am studying how to make ‘shell’ and from the tutorial and other posts, I read that, weighted loop subdivision in Mesh+ and shell.ghuser can help. But when I try to intall both plugins, they are not working, weighted loop subdivision appears under Math<Script<VB panel.
So I wonder, are they both outdated, or some other reason with them that make me unable to use these tools?
I have chaged usage rights in propaties, but with no help
Thanks in advance!

Are you trying to construct a “shell” like an ammonite has, or a general thickness shell of a geometry object (i.e. mesh)?

Yes, probably outdated. Have you put the shell.ghuser inside the UserObjects folder?

Hi , Diff
Thanks for answer!
I am reading about a paragraph on how to make a shpere to be sunken inward as this pic
In this chapter, the component shell is used. When I look for answers in Mcneel Forum, I know this plugin shell.ghuser can play the same funtion.
I draged shell.ghuser onto grasshopper panel just now by followed some post by Daniel, it works! :vulcan_salute: Pic is following
While the next step for me should be to manipulate this component to morph the sphere

Is the top sphere leaving an impression on the bottom on, or is there just a single sphere that is falling down and caving in?

Hi, Diff.
It is only a single shpere falls down and caves in

Here’s my try, but I didn’t quite get it to work like you described. It kinda works, but you’re looking at it from below. :wink:

Who knows, maybe @DanielPiker can show you how to do this the intended way. (20.9 KB)

p394 cave (26.0 KB) Hi, Diff
It is very kind of you to share ! :slight_smile:
Let me start to learn and check whether I can do some thing by research your script and the tutorial from AAD Algorithms ! :grinning:
Here is the result :

p394 cave (26.0 KB)

Mesh+ works fine in Rhino 6 and 7

What do you mean by appears under Math<Script<VB panel. Screenshot?

Hi, Micheal
I meet the following problem, when I want to sort out where is Weighted loop subdivision, the indicator shows like below:

Because mesh+ is uncompiled vb code. Double click the component and you will see the code inside. The author left the code open to edit. Gh just thinks it’s a vb component (because technically it is). Nothing wrong there. Mesh+ has always been that way.

Thanks Micheal!
Also, I think I need install all *.ghuser component by dragging onto GH panel or move to UserObjects folder (though I have not found it), so that M+ components can work and appear on the tool bar