Join Mesh Bug

Hi @pascal ,
current WIP does not join Meshes.
SubDivide also does not work on Meshes anymore.

Hi Jess - Join now has an option to control what happens to disjoint meshes - is that what you’re running into?
Checking on SubDivide…
@Jess - SubDivide seems to have caused problems on meshes… I am not sure what the prognosis is for getting mesh support into V7. Did you need to subdivide an entire mesh or per face, at the moment?


Hi Pascal, Thanks for the info! I wasn’t aware of that option. I’m used to pre-select :wink:

OK, Usually I’m subdividing the entire mesh. But I’m also missing some other mesh related commands which probably came from Weaverbird for V5. I thought these commands have been incorporated in Rhino 6/7? Also I’m missing SDK methods.
Any insight what is planned for V7? Is there a recommended way to install WB manually (also for Grasshopper) without causing conflicts? @piac ?

Hi Jess; sorry, Weaverbird is Grasshopper-only in Rhino 6 (and 7). There is no problem with installing Weaverbird via Yak in version 6 and 7, and no conflicts have been reported at all.

What commands were you needing? There might be a Rhino 7 WIP replacement.

Hi Giulio, all your generating and modifier commands are very useful. I think these are:
wbMeshFromLines, wbBevelEdges, wbFence, wbBevelVertices, wbCarpet, wbDual, wbFrame
wbInnerPolygons, wbLaplacian, wbLoop, wbMidedge, wbSierpinskiTriangle, wbSplitPolygons, wbSplitQuads, wbStellate, wbWindow, wbCatmullClark

The mesh primitives I usually take from Dale’s Polyhedron plug-in.

Some commands may be redundant and we can use other Rhino commands to achieve the same result. If I’m not missing some special options these may be: wbVertices, wbFaces, wbEdges, wbBlurMesh, wbNakedBorder…

Thanks, Jess

Hi again @Jess,

wbMeshFromLines is ported to Rhino 6 and 7 WIP, it’s called MeshFromLines.
The modifiers are available in Grasshopper only at present. Although the commands were originally also written for Rhino, I always felt they were more useful there.
For wbLoop I am not sure about the “main command status”; wbCatmullClark can be replaced by SubDivide I think.

@dalelear can surely fill in more details, I am not entirely up to date with the changes.


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hi @piac ,
It is OK for me if you do not make Rhino commands for weaverbird.
For my developments I just need to know which functionality will be in V7.

Ah ok, the SubDivide command does not autocomplete in V6 SR19 and since last week it does not work on meshes anymore in V7. So I hope this will come back…

@dale :
Will there be a mesh subdivide method in RhinoCommon V7?

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