Join multiple surfaces into one big surface + obtain isothermal web


I am trying to make a type of shelter using the Kangaroo plugin. This part works quite well. However, for the Karambascript, we need a surface we subdivide in parts which is where my problem lies: how do you go from a mesh to one big surface you can subdivide (so not a Brep)?

Also, I would like to try and subdivide the surface into an isothermal web. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?
DMSP17_DesigningGridStructuresUsingAsymptoticCurveNetworks.pdf (1.6 MB)final_task 04.30 (12.8 KB) final_task 04.30 (52.2 KB) organischer_model (0430).3dm (3.9 MB)

For the dms paper, I suggest to try Bowerbird which is a plugin of the authors:

This is what I understood from AAG2020 presentations.

Hi @EmmaRMB

Have a look through this thread - I posted here several definitions for generating asymptotic gridshells and isothermic meshes directly: