Mesh to smooth surface

Hi guys,
I’m trying to generate a smooth surface from a Mesh,but I can’t find way to do this.
Can I do this with some grasshopper functions or in python script?

You can try Rhino SubD for this, or:

  1. If what you want is just a smooth surface without subdivision, Weld vertices so that the vertex normal direction is averaged throughout the whole vertices.

  2. U can download Weaverbird for grasshopper and apply subdivision to make it even smoother.

Note that your topology consists of triangles which is a very bad topology for subdivision.

Quads are more predictable when using subdivision.

Hello - try Patch with the mesh as input.


I’ll try it

Hello - Use DupBorder first, on the mesh and include this curve in the input to Patch, I think the results are closer to the mesh , and it should trim the perimeter.


That’s a lot help.
It works fine in my project!
Really thank for your help!