Weaverbird for Rhino 6

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Dude this helped out a lot thanks a lot

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Hey anyone able to work past this error
“An attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location which would have caused the assembly to be sandboxed in previous versions of the .NET Framework. This release of the .NET Framework does not enable CAS policy by default, so this load may be dangerous. If this load is not intended to sandbox the assembly, please enable the loadFromRemoteSources switch.”
Can’t figure out exactly how to enable that switch?

Did you unblock the file that you downloaded from the internet?

Hi Giulio, I have only Rhino 6., SR13, educational.
I installed WB using also the Weaverbird.Gh.Registrator.exe When starting Rhino, WB could not be loaded because “incompatibility” (?)with my Rhino version, but I got WB es expected in GH an the components work. I am attaching an image with the error message to see if you can help me. Thanks in advance, Jaime

There is no way to make Weaverbird commands work in V6-V7, because they were using an old SDK and they would have to be rewritten. Sorry. You can however use all Grasshopper components!

Dear Giulio, thank you for your answer. I thought I was doing something wrong. For me, it’s OK if I can use the WB components in GH. And thank you for sharing you tools.

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The link is no longer valid. I cannot find the method in the current documentation (neither rh6 nor wip). Where can I find it? Thanks!


Hello, I am not McNeel so I can’t help you on the content of the SDK but it still work in V6 for me

        //Catmull & Clark
        Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.RefinementSettings rr = new Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.RefinementSettings();
        rr.Level = level;
        Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.CreaseEdges ce = Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.CreaseEdges.Auto;
        switch(creasedEdge) {
          case 0 : ce = Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.CreaseEdges.NakedFixed; break;
          case 1 : ce = Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.CreaseEdges.NakedSmooth;break;
          case 2 : ce = Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.CreaseEdges.CornerFixedOtherCreased;break;
          case 3 : ce = Rhino.Geometry.MeshRefinements.CreaseEdges.Auto;break;}
        rr.NakedEdgeMode = ce;

        // 3 SMOOTH
        catmullMesh = Mesh.CreateRefinedCatmullClarkMesh(raw, rr);

Thank you Laurent. Just found that this method is not for public consumption. But it does work.


Yes, @stevebaer has been busy updating the SubD SDK with @dalelear’s input. They may be able to tell at which point this endeavor stands.

I’m confused Giulio, why did you assign this thread to me? I can’t tell if there is an action I’m supposed to take here.

@stevebaer, you’ve updated RhinoCommon for SubD, I don’t know if the equivalent of Rhino’s _Subdivide is included. @vincentfs asks: “Where can I find it?”

I just added a Subdivide function to the SubD class in RhinoCommon. This will be available in next week’s WIP.


I wonder how this correlates with Serengeti’s SubD regarding texture mapping, point hierarchy, tree structure and so on. Any insights?

Hi I am having some trouble installing WB for Rhino 6 Grasshopper…
I am running Rhino V6 SR23 and I’ve tried (2) methods to install WB, using the YAK method and the through the CMD.

When I drag the YAK into grasshopper with my firewall OFF I get this error message

When I type ”C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\yak.exe” install weaverbird into CMD with Firewall OFF I get similar error

It’s always an API 403 error that couldn’t be deserialized.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@berniep56, I just updated the server and it looks like I broke something. Fixing it now…

@berniep56 – all fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for reporting the bug!

Thanks Will!

Please can you tell me from were can i get new Package Manager ?