Introduce me a Good Plug-in for Mesh Edit- same as WeaverBird

Hello everyone, I watched a tutorial which used WeaverBird Plugin to “Convert Nurbs To Mesh” and Im Wondering that Can anyone introduce me a NEW and Update plugin for that Issue, Cause Weaver Bird dont Run on my Rhino Version. i want to achive some Organic Models, So i need to Soft the Edges and Increase the Polygones. Or Some Usefull Commands Like ‘Thicken’ which Offset the mesh and make it 3d.

Hi! Why doesn’t it run?

In any case, if you are using Rhino 7/WIP, you can use the new SubD object. If you are using Rhino 7 WIP or any previous version till 4, you can use Weaverbird in Grasshopper.

Does it help?

Hi, thanks for your respond.
Well i use “Rhinoceros.6.24.20079.23341.x64” and i am try learning grasshopper these days,English isn’t my native language So i’m not very familiar with Some Expressions which Used in Installation Guidance, For Example i didn’t fine out How i am Gonna install Weaver Bird for Rhino 6 Because i Don’t Know what is the “YAK” is and with Searching i cant figured it out Either!

To make a long story short, Hopefully i can install WB on rhino 6 with instruction on the Post Attached to this Email.

Best Regards, Ali.


OK, that’s good but now there’s an easier way, and it’s called Packet Manager/Yak:

  1. You can open the first definition posted on this page,

This will open the Packet Manager dialog in Grasshopper:


Restart Rhino, and you will have Weaverbird working!
Does it help?
Thank you,


Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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I appreciate your support😊

i get it Now, tnx.

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