Wavy Pattern

hello everyone, I would like some tips on how to get this wavy pattern:

I tried to morph the curves on the surface and It worked pretty well, however, I have no idea ho to get the surfaces itself to create this wounds/holes that give dynamicity to the design (THE HOLES LOCATED in the pattern on the base of the pot)


my idea is that these holes should be closed so the surfaces should meet in the middle. It is a bit hard to explain but looking to one “hole” it should look like this: (the red lines are the contour of the outside curve, the orange the line is where the surfaces meet and the green lines represent the surface that connects the red lines to the orange)Untitled1

a 3d image would look like thisUntitled2

It is kind of the idea with a handdownload

for each hole
Sorry, it is really hard to describe it. But I hope it is understandable.

Thank you in advance.

Please do not duplicate discussions.

I am sorry, as it was a different pattern/ different idea i though I oculd create another post. You can delete this post then. Thank you and sorry

It seems the same pattern, I think it would be beneficial to continue in your other post as users there seem to be getting you on the right track.

Use Pufferfish Net on surface as start

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True, @camillarozario you can use Pufferfish’s Net on Surface as one option.

NetShape.gh (16.5 KB)


Michael thank you so much! I have never used puffer fish before so the component saved a lot of time. I was morphing curves into the surface because I tried interpolating the curve along the surface but they would always overlap. However the plugin works like magic, so awesome.

I was looking through your definition and noticed that the last pattern gets a little messed up as the tween curve doesn’t tween the first and last curve.

I wonder if it is possible to set a Boolean or something to tween those curves? I tried selecting only the last and the but once the pull into surface command is applied I get this really weird result:

Hi just download my definition. The way it is set up works fine. It is uploaded in my previous comment. I see in your screenshot you have both shift lists set to true, they should be one as true and one as false.

Everything works really well thank you so much! I just mean the end of the shape the pattern is a bit different because of the tween curve command so it gets a bit uneven, and I notice that it happens exactly where there is a curve missing when composing the pattern so I was wondering if there is any way to add this curve to the list of curves

Thank you so much again

Here is a better definition. A bigger issue is the Pull Curve component which gets weird when pulling to a surfaces seam location. Pull Curve is also quite slow. So here is a version without Pull Curve and which has the correct end condition. See attached.

NetShape2.gh (12.7 KB)


Hey Michael, thank you so much that worked better than the solution I tried to come up with. Yeah the PullCUrve had some issue in the beginning of the curve. Thank you very much, sorry for the late reply!

I just have one question (more about gh itself cuz I am a newbie) do you know somewhere I can find info about the weave command? I’ve seen so many people use it and I have no idea how it functions and I tried to look for some explanation and couldn’t find any.

Thanks again!