How to create this Pattern, Please help me with

Guys Please Help me to create this, Pattern i tried everything, but i am getting stuck some where please help me

it seems it is the work of Olav van der Doorn

By best advice, take a pen and draw it or buy it from the author.

Yeah, i even try to contact him for some for some lead but i didnt have luck, i got this pattern as assignment i am trying for 3 days but i was not able to do, can you guide me please

Ok I understand. So in this kind of job begin by small steps. First Main shape
See this and try to find other links with keywords

If you have the main shape you can then draw the inside.

thank you so much how do i make it scale gradient

Actually i did something with diamond, but i dont known how to make the diamond to smooth surface can you help me with also please i dont need inside

Post some script, you’ll perhaps find someone that can help. But I repeat this pictures looks more hand draw that done by generative tool. So it could be better you ask question more “parametric” to this forum.