Circled origami

hello everyone, i was trying to figure out the logic behind this shape:

I notice that the modules are composed by folded circles and arrayed in a way that the go around a circle. However, I am trying to figure out how I can parametrize this making the shapes always tangent.

I am also struggling with how to 3dmodel the folded circle. Any opinions on where to start? I am just kind of stuck because everything I have thought so far doesn’t seem to work out.


This relies on unfolding a cone, which lies on a “master cone”, placing a circular disc on it and mapping it back to the original cone using Sporph. I have a few different components that unroll breps on my machine. I don’t know which one the cool kids are using these days.This uses one from Lunchbox. The Sporph might take a while, so be patient. (16.0 KB)

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Try something like this

Ethan, Thank you so much! I tried to understand your coding and I have never used lunch box very much so for your definition I got a little bit confused when it goes to that part. I understood that u get the cylinders aligned and then wrap the circle around it. I am still getting used to gh so I am reviewing the “boxes” you used in your definition (such as for Sporph) because I got a little confused with inputs you chose, but I guess that is just me not knowing how to use the program efficiently. But thank you very much. Also, one weird thing is that I tried to remove the thickness form the surfaces, however when I do that the circle to do not really touch each other, they have a small gap between them but after some time trying to understand it I couldn’t figure it out how to make them touch each other. Any opinions on this ?

Seguier, I trying for hours to reproduce the shape you created. Can you give me some hints on it? I liked how you simplified the shape. I tried to create the shape as a whole, which means that I didn’t start with the module itself but tried to make a parametric shape like the result of compiling all modules. How was your approach to that? did you begin the module? Also, I strugled a lot with thinking how to orient the arcs over the triangle edge, did you choose a random arc length or does it relate to something within the module? I still couldn’t figure out how to find the touching point of both arcs or how to determine the radius of the circle that generates this arc.

Thank you so much!

If you print it and you can understand it better; in Rhino the edges are sharp but in reality with paper the edges are smooth
The shape looks like Torus but made with origami so you need to create it by hand to understand how it’s made

circle origami4.3dm (1.1 MB)