Hole pattern on pre-defined shape with holes


Newbie here!

I am trying to make a custom hole pattern on a pre-defined shape. This main shape has holes in various forms on it. In the attached image, you can see a reference of what I am trying to accomplish. Yellow area is my main shape, white spots are holes, dashed lines are the offset from these outlines. The hole pattern should be inside the orange area and should be following the dashed lines. Since my main shape and holes have different forms, how can I make a pattern that follows these outlines but also blend nicely between them? In short:

1 - How can I create a hole pattern (perforated) inside only the orange area? I like to control the distance between holes and also diameter of holes.
2 - How can these holes follow the dashed lines?
3 - How can these holes blend nicely in the areas between the dashed lines?

If anyone has any ideas on how to approach to this, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Hole pattern.gh (8.7 KB)

Thank you so much @mahanmotamedi1991 :slight_smile:

This is very helpful. I have been trying to make a hole pattern on it, but so far I have not managed to have the holes follow the outlines and fill the rest of the surface as well. Do you have any tips on that?

I’m not sure if I understood well your question. The pores hers can be displaced and the offset lines (in your case the dashed lines) will move with them accordingly.

Apologies for the confusion @mahanmotamedi1991. I see that I was not very clear to start with.

This illustration should help. Basically each green hole should follow the offset outlines. The inside orange area should be filled too with green holes even distanced to one another. So if I were to move my white holes / cuts on the main surface, the holes would adapt to it.

Hope this makes better sense.

Hole pattern_circle pores.gh (15.3 KB)

Hope this help. I have no idea how you want to fill the orange space with circles. maybe you can use nesting tools for this goal.

Is it not related to this question?

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Thank you so much @mahanmotamedi1991. It has helped so far. I tried with nesting but the result feels random and the inner holes don’t blend in nicely to the inner shapes. Maybe I need to take another approach to make this work.

@laurent_delrieu That post you shared is very interesting and I learned some really cool things just reading it. So far, it feels like what we want with hole patterns and complex shapes (sometimes with boundary cuts) is somewhat beyond Grasshopper and requires manual work at certain levels. What would be amazing is if we could write a code that can adapt to any shape. Its beyond my skill level right now but maybe one day :slight_smile: