Water template from Bongo site

Good morning,
I downloaded a template of water animation from bongo site, and i have a problem with a resolution of reflexions. Anyone know how to fix that water to make it more smooth? Maybe i should to say that i used a vray water_pool material and added a HDRI map from vray.

If you want the water itself (as in the displacement) to be smoother, you have to tweak the displacement settings.
I’ve started making a tutorial about this, but it still half finished, I’ve come so far that I’ve explained a bit about how the displacement settings work, so you can read about it here:

For your V-Ray questions, I’d recommend posting it as a V-Ray question, you might get some more answers/help then.

Have you tested that the displacement animation works with V-Ray? Because in order for it to work V-Ray has to support the rendering features (RDK) in Rhino, and I’m not a 100% sure that it does.