V-Ray 3.04.03 and Bongo not animating

I have problem where when animating the first frame renders but fails to save. If I attempt it again the image rendered gets clipped. The problem is exactly like this post:

To which the only solution was to load the V-Ray 3.04.03, which is what I have installed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

To Do an Animation in Vray you need to hit BatchRender command line just BEFORE animating it out with the Rhino Animation control panel. It is also a button in the VRay toolbar.

Do you have any experience using Bongo and Vray 3.4 perhaps I am still not using it correctly? I have a couple projects completed with Bongo and Vray prior to Vray 3.4. After that I have been forced to used Rhino animation and Vray together. With out Bongo Rhino animation limitations are no graphing of camera speed and you can’t animate objects only the camera. I have never been able to consistently get Bongo to animate if Vray 3.4 is the render engine. I have tried all the jedi batch render moves and spent months with Chaos support. Dreading the thought of switching software after all this investment and learning curve.

Sorry I have not done any animating with VR 3.4 and Bongo. Just previous versions of VRay. I wouldn’t think that the VRay update would affect Bongo too much.

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