Animation in rhino6

Hi together… I am thinking about animation in rhino6. Many many years ago I used Bongo. At the moment I am very sad, that I am not able to find out, if rhino6 works well with bongo. On web I only find advice to rhino5.
can anybody spread their experiences?

Besides I am looking for a possibility to animate rendered views. My favorite renderer is v-ray - together with the panorama stereo mode for VR! - but I really do not know, if it works together with bongo? Does anybody know better? or has another advice?

hope that I will find any good solution and I will be very very thankful if you can help me.

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Bongo works with Rhino 6. Just this morning I saw two short character animations in our office.

I don’t recall if V-Ray works well with Bongo, but in any case in V6 you also have Raytraced (a built-in raytracing engine) to work with, and that does work with Bongo.

I’ll let the V-Ray users chime in with info on how well V-Ray works with Bongo.

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:star_struck: thank you very much for that fast answer! I think I will try it - but I am not able to test it in the next time. because my pc is to slow at the moment - that will not make any fun! So because of this, your answer was already very helpful for me.
If you hear anything about the combination with v-ray I will be very glad to get to know!
:upside_down_face:Thank you!!!

In my experience using bongo for character animation. Especially when using heavy renderer is nonsense.

It is too heavy on the machine. I tested a simple cube with some cycles material and it took a couple of hours to make 150 frames (translation, rotation and scale). I have GTX 1060 and the resolution was something like 1920x1080.

I have not tested using mesh objects, though. In case it matters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. I love the literal translation from German. :smiley: it makes me giggle a bit.

How many samples did you do? A gazillion?

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:smiley: I don’t remember, I have no experience rendering, let alone animation so I assign parameters based on a hunch.

A simple box, even at FullHD shouldn’t take a couple of hours for 150 frames. At least not on a 1060 one should think.

There is an optimization that Bongo can do, but doesn’t yet. I’ve created a youtrack item for that here: I’m guessing this would be a good task for @Joshua_Kennedy to work on.

I don’t see any big problem with Bongo performance which isn’t related to rendering, which typically is not what Bongo’s is occupied with.

Anyone can set up render settings to choke any machine out there. If extreme render quality is needed then let the machine work hard, but if it’s not needed, simplify rendering and go faster.

I’ve been using a GTX970 lately, and a GTX980Ti and now a GTX 1080Ti. Not very dramatic differences though. Rendering can take its time. Especially if being careless… :slight_smile:

// Rolf

Yes, I remember you mentioning this. I do not remember if I knew about it back when I tested the cube, though. I’ll test the cube during this weekend when I have less interaction with the PC anyways. :slight_smile:

@RIL are you using RhinoRender or RhinoRenderNext?

Hmm, @nathanletwory, I wanted to post a screenshot of my rendering configuration, but apparently it was scraped after I updated rhino to 6.15. Could this be considered an issue? Is there a way to store this configuration so I don’t have to do that every time? Including the default to be RhinoRenderNext I remember setting this, but now it’s back to RhinoRender.

I have no idea what RhinoRenderNext is.

// Rolf

Rhino Render Next is a quick plugin I did to provide the Raytraced engine as a render engine to set as current renderer, you can find it in _TestPackageManager under the name rhino-render-next. This plug-in is available while we don’t have the Raytraced engine as the actual Rhino Render.