Watch a grown man cry while fighting SubD topology without having group Inset option

So I’ve been trying to model a (flying) car… and then I figured out that there is no “group inset” tool. Perhaps someone will find this pain soothing:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

TL;DR: any ETA on SubD group inset option?
TL;DR2 while I’m at it - wouldn’t it be nice to have an option for shortest path selection of SubD faces/edges? If a subd face is selected and a hotkey is pressed then Rhino will create a shortest path face selection chain to the next face that will be clicked on.

Hello- I don’t know when I will get to watch all the movies- it would be helpful if you describe exactly what the functionality is that you need.


Hmm, it was labeled as RH-52735 and just yesterday lived right here: , but now it seems to be gone.

Either way - three functionalities that would go a long long way in terms of user experience:

  1. When multiple SubD faces are selected and _Inset tool is used there should be an option for “group inset”, where Rhino would inset the boundary of the selection rather than every face separately.
  2. “Along Normals” direction option for _ExtrudeSubD (or is it _SubDExtrude) currently moves each vertex of a face along it’s individual normal vector, which means that more often than not it produces unusable results and breaks edge alignment. Using a single averaged normal vector (or perhaps using one from the face centroid) would yeald much “cleaner” results.
  3. This:,works%20with%20edges%20and%20faces.

Hi Pascal,

I think you might still have time to fit part 1 (1 hour and 55 minutes) today!

Then if you get an early start tomorrow you could do part 2 (3 hours and 18 min) before lunch.

You can do Part 3 (2 hours and 25 min after lunch) right after lunch, considering that it includes “getting coffee 3 mins” at the beginning.

If you have no plans this weekend and you could come in to work on Saturday you could do part 4 (3 hours and 48 minutes) before lunch, also with an early start of course.

Let me know if you wnat me to block it in your calendar.




Thanks Gustavo, I appreciate the offer - is it possible to book me only if it’s raining this weekend? I could not find the setting.


This will save you some time, @pascal:


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Perfect. can you send Evelyn Wood round for a visit as well?


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That setting is not supported in your region. The developers deemed it redundant.

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In 7.3, Use SubDInset
In 7.4, it has been combined into Inset

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Ah, it’s already implemented.

Honestly, after Lowell let me know that Inset and SubDInset are apparently two different tools I’ve had a blast finishing this small “force myself to learn SubD” project and have condensed it down from 32h to 2.5h. Gotta keep the busy people in mind as well I guess. Perhaps someone will find this interesting or at least a bit entertaining:

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Don’t pay attention to these people, love your videos. Thanks for putting them out there! I am pretty busy along the week but I get to see them on weekends.