SubD's, Modo and a Question

First of all, I wanted to give a ‘Hat’s Off’ to the developers working on the SubD toolset!! Great job!

Initially, I thought I would just continue to do all of my SubD modeling in Modo and then export to Rhino V7 to convert to NURBS. I wasn’t holding my breath as Modo has been in development far longer than Rhino’s SubD tools. I certainly don’t use much more than a basic, but essential, toolset in Modo…and it’s all I need for the type of work I do.

Seeing how V7 went into Beta I decided to have a good look at what is contained within the SubD’s in Rhino. After watching a couple of very good videos and playing with the tools all weekend I’m somewhat shocked at how good these tools are!! And how well incorporated into Rhino. For me, they are pretty much everything I need.

A question. In Modo I can select some flat planar polys (no thickness) and run the bevel tool on them. It creates a loop around these polys as shown in the image. Any way to do this in Rhino? I can manually extrude the edges and get the same effect but would like an auto creation as in Modo.

And a request if it’s not too late. It would be great to have an amount slider on the Crease tool instead of on or off, as it is now.

Really, a well done on the tools!! I can’t think of too many places where I will have to leave Rhino to get a model completed or done because of it’s short-comings.

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