Mesh/SubD Inset/Bevel Group Option

it would be great to have option to ‘Group’ faces when using Inset
(that supports the original topology structure)


+1 from me here.
This is absolutely essential for a sub-D modeling workflow.
Cheers, Norbert

One more vote from me!

Hi @yelenaye
If you first mergefaces, inset and then rebuildmesh, you’ll get your “ideal result”, I think.
HTH, Jakob

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Nice, but would work only on mesh. If Im already working in/on the SubD structure, have to convert the whole obj in mesh to make the operation...or Im wrong?!

I also think that inset as a group is fundamental for a proper SubD workflow. I’m just starting to test SubD in Rhino but I’ve been using subdivision modelling for a while, mainly in Cinema 4D and testing now Blender, and the lack of this feature makes things a lot harder/time consuming IMO. How would you approach something like this with Rhino? Look how easy and fast it is done in Blender.


Thanks inju for your example. It is close to what I was trying to do but not exactly the same. Notice that in my example the new generated geometry maintain the same planes as the original ones whereas in your example, the new geometry does not maintain its original place. This is important for many situations.

Patience, this development, soon everyone will have their own ice cream. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah! That’s why I asked for this, because I know they are working really hard trying to implement as many features as they can. To me this one is a must for subD.

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Thanks, this is filed already as