Some SubD WIP bugs/UX issues

I’ve been playing with the new SubD features a lot, and will continue to, so rather than do individual posts for issues, I figured I’d start a thread. This will be mostly bugs, with occasional feature requests made as suggestions for solutions to bugs (no feature requests out of nowhere)

Here are a few to begin with:

QuadRemesh: If I pre-select some faces of a subD and call QuadRemesh, the result is not a remeshing of the individual faces. Instead, Rhino produces quadremeshes of the entire SubD object. And for every SubD face I select, it produces a copy of the remesh of the entire SubD object. Three selected faces = three separate remeshes of the whole object, and apparently, from the progress bar each copy gets calculated individually.

Inset: Does not allow preselection of the whole object. If I preselect a SubD object and call Inset, it should inset all SubD faces. Preselection does work if I ctl-shift select the entire object and thus preselect all the subobjects, but from a user experience point of view, this is odd.

Also, more broadly than just this command, selecting an entire subD object with ctl-shift results in a display that shows the edges and the vertices selected, but not the faces. (this is yet another reason subD and mesh need a quick and easy subobject selection filter, ideally usable with keyboard shortcuts, including a toggle through options, and some kind of constant display of the current filter state.)

Thanks Max, apologies on the delay in reply.

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There are selection filter macros now in the WIP to try. They’re in the Select SubD flyout currently.



I’ll try the selection filter macros. Instill think the best way to implement them in a style that fits Rhino’s UX logic is in a manner similar to the osnap display bar at the bottom of the window, with the option to check boxes, check individual boxes as one-shot and revert, and to toggle through with a key command. Boxes for: obj, face, edge, vert, disable.

RH-57179 is fixed in the latest WIP

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