Wall Length

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Good day, is there a way to change the wall length by accessing the greyed out length value?

Wall Test.gh (24.7 KB)

You can only change wall length by adjusting the wall curve, as this paramete is a reporting parameter

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Thanks Mohamed, can I change the length of my walls even do they are generated from wall profile component and not by curve? I think generating walls thru curve is easy to change the length but thru profile is a bit different?


You can change the length via Element Curve. It behaves the same as if you had a Wall with an edited profile and changed the length in a plan view in the Revit UI.

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Thanks Japhy, the wall extension extended from the given input but the physical wall edge didn’t update, cheers.

Tried it and it is working as expected on my side, the wall is extending to the new length, not as shown in your image… this might be because the profile end edges were edited before modifying the wall curve this makes the profile maintain its shape even if the curve is extended.

EDIT: you can also try doing it manually in the Revit UI, so unpin the wall/ release it, and extend the wall curve manually and see what happens, this will give you the same result that is achieved through grasshopper/RiR when extending the curve

Thanks Mohamed, kind regards.