Edit Wall shape

Are you planning on adding components to manipulate Wall shapes?

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@Kike is the only one that can really speak to what we have planned. What commands are you using to create walls? For instance is that a Wall-For-??? or a standard wall from 2 points?

@eirannejad may have some input on this also.

For example AddWall.ByCurve when I am trying to acheive some rhytm on building elevation. Other times when I need some custom cutout and it would be easier for me to do it from inside Rhino (especially considering further changes).

Didn’t saw many new components since then in the Rhino Inside Revit. Can I get any opinion about this feature? It would really enhance shaping of the Walls in Revit.

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Hey @barden00
Take a look at the example below. Open the Revit model first and then the GH definition. The custom python component can create a wall based on profile. But Revit API does not allow modifying the profile of an existing wall, so when the profile curve changes, the script has to delete the previous and generate a new wall.

wall from profile.zip (322.9 KB)

I have filed an issue to add this to the core components

Ah… so no chance for solution that will update the Wall shape and not delete hosted elements like Windows etc.?

Not at the moment. There are workarounds but the amount of fixes and hacky stuff around them is so much that is not appropriate for a python script. We are discussing these issues so we can potentially solve them in RiR native code.