Revit wall Profile/Sketch by Rhino Curve

Is it possible to change vertical planar Revit Wall sketches/profile using Rhino curves?

Please see


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You’re the best, Ehsan. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everybody,

I am realy new to grasshopper and RhinoInside, however I have been using Dynamo before so I can understand some basis of using visual programming with revit.
Right now I would be very interested in understanding how could one use this wall profile node.
So far I was able to extract the profile of walls that had their profile edited/changed.
My questions would be if this node can only take profile from edited profile ones or it could also take original wall profiles (or from non edited walls), if it would also work for curved walls and created in place walls.
Thank you in advance for all the support given in the forum, it is an amazing work.


Bruno Torrinha

Give the newest build a try. Here is a Basic Masonry wall projected up against a SubD vault:


Scott- In using the Add Wall (Profile), I’m trying to figure out how to use curves from rhino to set the wall profile. It seems like the profile needs to be model lines out of revit. The make model lines component needs a sketch plane input which I’m unable to do. When enabling the below screen shot the wall is not defined by the profile. It seems like you might have a workflow based on your vault screen grab above.


Hi have u tried exploding the polyline? Works fine for me.

Yes, the key is to explode and join the curves. There must be at least 4 curves I believe that make up the boundary.

scott + attheeast - thanks for the quick replies here- I had tried exploding but am getting strange geometry results. The horizontal lines are not parallel to each other or the cplane in both instances below. When the exploded lines are coplanar in the X plane the width is good but the height in the Z is all off. When the 4 lines are coplanar in the Y dimension the resulting wall flattens. If I explode within grasshopper it is the same result as exploding the polyline within rhino and selecting multiple in gh.

thanks again.

Can you send us the files? Make sure you have today’s build. We had one that went out that acted odd on profiles. But if you have the rhino and grasshopper def, I can take a look.

Scott - I have the current Rhino Beta and the grasshopper build is 1.0.0007 and I believe I have the most recent rhino.inside download - it looks to be from 11.06.20. There does not seem to be a more recent build available for download. From the install I’m only able go through a ‘repair’.

I’ve isolated the lines and the specific gh definition below.


wall by profile (19.5 KB)
wall by profile debug.3dm (57.1 KB)

You may want to re-download. We had some builds that came out in the same day.

This is what I get from the files:

There are a couple warnings, but generally it looks good.

Here is the exact build I have:

And I am running in Revit 2021.


There were a bug when the project has its Project Base Point or Survey Point displaced from Internal Origin (0,0,0).

Now is fixed, please update from here.

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