Wall from solids

Hi there,

I’ve tried the feature of creating wall from solids and I have some questions.

First is about wall layers and hatches. It is great that I can pick multiple solids when I create a single wall - this way I can make custom layers inside. I found out I can even give solids custom section properties like hatches etc. and after creating a wall they stay inherited in a wall block. But if I wanted to change them, there is a problem. It seemed to me intuitive that if wall’s primary geometry is static and not dynamic geometry, then it could have been changeable from block editor level. But changes made this way are erased like it would happen with regular, dynamically defined walls. Does it have to work that way or is it just a bug? Could be great to be able to edit the static input of objects defined from it from block editor level.

The second is about wall splitting. When I split the wall made from solid I get result like this:

VA somehow adjusted two new parts to the shape of slitted construction line. The effect is quite interesting and I wonder about it’s potential uses. But should It work that way? Shouldn’t it have been just splitting the geometry with plane normal to construction line at given point and filling the gaps? It seems to me much easier. Or maybe there should be a option for splitting it this way or that way?

Hi Tomek, congratulations! you have discovered a new way to create free-form walls! jokes apart, there’s a bug when using the Wall Split command on a wall created from solids. We will try to fix this issue in the upcoming versions.

About the first point, right now it’s not possible to change the attributes of VisualARQ objects (including walls created from solids) with the Block Edit function. We should make a few changes to make it possible. I’ll let you know when this funcion is available.

@Tomek_Wloga just “a few time” later you reported this bug, I’m glad to say it has been finally fixed in VisualARQ 2.6. https://www.visualarq.com/2019/11/04/visualarq-2-6-available/

Great. Thank you for letting me know.