Door/ window on Wall from Solid

I need to add some doors and some windows on a non -standard Wall from solid.
These objects won’t anchor to this wall and automate the creation of the opening necessary for this door in the opening.
Is it a bug, is there a solution?

I gave tried splitting this wall and maybe create an alternative profile, but i cannot split it either

Hi Antonio,

Can you send me the 3DM model to so we can look?

VisualARQ uses the provided path curve to know the wall axis, and wall axis is used for opening attachment, split, etc.

Why do you need a custom-solid wall? In the screenshot I see standard walls.



Solved that one… other problems arose with roofs… trust me this surveyed building is anything but standard- now i got stuck at roof plan - how do i clear intersections between roofs? can i send the 3d?do i need to remake it in simple rhino surfaces to make only 1 roof ? or what’s the best way to approch this -made in situ roof ?

Hi @antonia.gregoriana,

You can post the file here or send it to, I’ll take a look. Which intersection would you like to clear?

basically wherever i have dormers i cannot manage to make the walls cut into and the roof above cut the wall underneath
i have tried creating the planar surface and extract the boundaries of the area id like to subtract from the roofs but-for instance in the roof door area- it wont subtract