vaWallFromSolid does not respect wall layers


I’m on Rhino 6.29.20238.11501 and the new VisualARQ

I’m fairly new to VisualARQ but am liking it a lot so far.
I’m modeling a building with a lot a curved and unually shaed walls which makes me use the WallFromCurves and the vaWallFromSolid a lot.

I’ve observed that a vaWallFromSolid does not seem to take on the wall style I assign to it. I’m using a wall style with 2 layers. The regular wall and WallFromCurves shows the wall ok but the FromSolid remains to be a white block in perspective view and does not show any hatchings in other views.

I thoroughly looked around in the forum for someone who has posted a similar issue but I didn’t find anything.
Does it make sense that this does not work? I can assume it does because a “solid object” can have any width so how would the style know which portion in thickness of what style would have to be applied to the total width. Does this make sense or am I doing it wrong?
If this is normal behavior, what do you suggest to work with multi-layer walls in case of highly irregular buildings?

Thanks in advanve for your help,

Hi @morphhorizon this is exactly the reason why walls from solids don’t take the layer configuration of the style they get assigned. You could actually convert a sphere into a wall, so how would you distribute the different layers? The solid may take the section attributes assigned to the wall style, but it will ignore those of the wall style layers.
Maybe for these particular cases, you can use polysurfaces instead. Just take into account that you can assign section hatch patterns to these polsysurfaces, from the Properties Panel:
And if you need to export those polysurfaces to IFC as walls, you can use the ifcTag:

Hi Francesc,

That makes perfect sense. Thanks for pointing out the polysurface option and the fact that you can assign ifc tags to them without them having to be walls.

Thanks again,