_vrayMtlFromRhino doesn't work with PBR materials

I just came across the amazing RhinoBridge release and have been successfully using it to bring Quixel assets into Rhino. When this happens, you automatically get set up with PBR materials using the new v7 PBR workflow. But, I’d love to then translate these into V-Ray materials to then save into a V-Ray library or to modify using V-Ray, etc.

Before PBR (or currently using standard Rhino materials) you could port them into V-Ray using the _vrayMtlFromRhino command, but this doesn’t work yet if the materials are made using PBR. Is this in the development pipeline or is there a smooth workaround for this issue?

The PBR material conversion is currently under development
It will be available soon

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Hi nikolay, is there any update on when this feature will be available?