Rhino Material to Vray

Hey there,

i wondered if theres a quick way to convert Rhino Materials into Vray Materials? when opening a .FBX, it contains all the Materials as unnamed Rhino Materials which make it hard to adjust things afterwards.I know i could rebuild them in Vray Material editor but i want to keep the mapping and also it takes too much time.

In my case, I have a carmodel with some rhino-materials and some vray-materials, which i did by myself. Now i want to make a vrayproxy. But the thing is, that the Multi-mat has some materials (named like the ones I did in Vray materialmanager) and the other ones are MultimatSub-Materials (also it seems, that vray creates a single Sub-Mat for every single mesh of the model, even if it has the same Material applied. So I have some redundant Multimat-subs).

So is there any quick workaround to get the Rhinomaterials as Vraymaterials. I just want to have a clean understandable Multimat-Structure without any redundant materials.

I hope I expressed myself clear enough, that you guys know what i want to accomplish :slight_smile:
Thx in advance!

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@Florian_Schwalbe: By using the command: visConvertRhinoMat , you just need to select objects you wanted converted over to using V-Ray Materials.

Hey Matt!

Thx for the quick response. That command seem to be the thing i was looking for :slight_smile: Iam gonna try that tonight.

Thx man!

unknown command - Rhino 6

Are you using VfR4? Than _vrayMtlFromRhino could do the job. (Maybe it’s the same at VfR3)

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Hi Micha and others,

I am trying to convert material from Rhino (5) to Vray (Next). I am using _vrayMtlFromRhino when objects with rhino material are selected and nothing happends. I thought that after that command will be new identical vray material created in vray asset menu.

Can you pleas help me, how to do it? Thanks!

@Nikolay Maybe you can help.

Hi yacoob,
I hate to say it, but - I don’t have problems converting materials on my machine. Although the V5 implementation of materials is limited, it seems to work

From what I see on your screen shot, no conversion has taken place at all. I can’t tell the reason just looking at the picture.
Which is exact version of V-Ray Next you use ? Can you share this particular file ?

Now it works :-). It was maybe only one-time problem. Thanks.