Rhino 7, 3ds max, Vray, imporing materials and objects

Hi to everyone,
Im relatively new to rhino so i wanted to inquire about the process of importing the materials and objects from 3ds max into rhino 7.
I also use Vray 5 in rhino and 3ds max.
On the basic level of importing only geometry it is pretty straight forward but i can’t get it right when also the materials and maps need to be applied correctly.
I am doing this because online there is a huge quantity of models and materials for free available for 3ds max and almost none for rhino specifically, so it would be of a great benefit to use those assets.
Any suggestion, help, tutorial, txt is welcome.
Thx a lot in advance!

Hi -
Are you sure that the materials are exported from Max? What file format are you using? Can you provide an example? Is this strictly about V-Ray materials?

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Hi :slight_smile: thx for ur fast reply.
Ill try to explain the situation a bit more.
I should be creating some furniture and interiors. I use rhino 7 and vray5. Then i also have 3ds max 2020 also with vray 5 on my computer.
I see that online there r a ton of models in .obj or .max and .mat that have their nice materials and uv mapping.
Now i would like to use them in my rhino and render them there with vray. But i would like to import them and then be able to modify them a beet, tweak some settings here and there.
What would be a correct workflow to do it?
Many thx

Just import the .obj files into Rhino, then adjust the materials.

For v-ray specific help you probably are best off asking on v-ray forums.

Thank you for the advice.

Im facing the same problem. Did you find a solution ?

Hi -

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