Vray rhino, texture mapping

Hi there,
I’m using vray for rhino for a long time now, and recently my rendering process failed. Some artefacts came to my rendering viewport. Do you guys now from where it came? What is the problem?
Thanks a lot!

When I use vray in an another modelisation it works good! But with this one it creates artefacts!

It is likely that your model is too far from the World’s Origin, I’d move the entire scene to 0,0,0 and give it a try.

Thanks a lot for your fast answer, I tried to sent it to the origin but it makes the same thing…
Any other idea?

There are many factors affecting this, it will be great if you share a portion of your file so we can isolate the issue.

What V-ray version are you using?

Did you try a clay render?

can you share your v-ray options? it’s quite difficult just watching a photo…

Hi there,
I’m sending a file with the options, I use Vray 5, I’ll send you the setting.
Thanks a lot, I appreciate!

That’s the link for the file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

My vray parameters

I try a clay render, that’s what it does:

Hello @Tanguy ,

As expected, your model is about 661 Km from the Word’s Origin. you need to move it to the center of the world not the current Cplane.

This is the rendering before.

Pick “World’s top CPlane”

Once you move the corner of the building to the world’s 0,0,0 you should be able to get a nicer tessellation like the test render below:

It may sound a bit tempting to keep the coordinate system aligned to the project survey points but for Rendering, I don’t see this being useful so the best practice to always build with the world’s origin.


Waaaw, you are amazing guy!
It helps me a lot! I really appreciate!!
Best regards.

why cant vray just move it during rendering processing to w0,0,0 in the background? its such a common issue…