Hello, I need help because I have problem and I cnat fix it. Everytime, when Im tryign to make render with Vray, creating rendering meshes process takes about 30 minutes or even more (With Rhino not responding). After that Rhino show me message, that it has stopped working. I have no idea why?
Any help will be highly appreciated.

You have some serious problems based on what you reported, but it might be easy to fix.

Start with a few things to check in a video called V-Ray: Seven Common Problems and Fixes

Besides those, watch out for old V-Ray materials. I’ve see version 1.05 materials cause issues with version 2.0. Try to do a render with all of your geometry as a single material. If it works, you found the problem.

Fortunately I have good news. Yesterday evening I figure it out! It turns out, that in my model the material was copied form file to file for years!! (I didn’t made the model, so I have no idea). But override materials option in Rhino didn’t solve the problem. I have to change all materials by myself and that finally helped. Now everything works fine.
I want to thank you very much for your replay!