Vray Render Distorted

Hi everyone,

Im trying to render a rhino file which was provided to my by my university. When I add a generic texture it renders like this - I’m not sure whats causing this - the render says its completed but looks very distorted…

Im very new to Vray so i would love some help!


Hi Eweigall,

You will have to add more details on what you’re trying to do.
off the top of my head - this looks like a poor resolution texture set as displacement on a big surface.
pure guesswork though.


Ive added some more information - I added a generic texture to all the surfaces (just a grey) to make sure it wasnt the textures that were causing it. Good guess though I might play around with it and see how I go.


This issue usually occurs when the scene is drastically further away from the origin and the bounding box is too big.

Try moving the whole scene closer to 0,0,0

Thanks so much. It’s very far away from 0,0 so I think that will be the problem. I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Thanks again!