Vray Not loading in Rhino 8

So I have updated to Rhino 8 (trial at moment) and the Latest Vray (which is apparently compatible ) whilst Vray still works on Rhino 7 when i switch renderer in Rhino 8 it just says current plugin set to Rhino Render - its driving me nuts as our whole workflow is for Vray

Hello, Thomas,
Apologies for the confusion!
V-Ray 6.10.03 only supports the beta version of Rhino 8.
We have finalized and hope to release soon a V-Ray update that will bring support for the official Rhino 8 release version.

Kind regards,
Peter Chaushev

V-Ray 6 for Rhino, Update 2 is now released, available here:

Among many new additions it also brings Rhino 8 support.

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hi This still doesn’t seem to work - downloaded newest vray (Dec 8 version) this morning still cannot set to renderer - for my work flow this really nullifies being able to use Rhino 8 !

Can you please share the exact version of Rhino 8 you use (Rhino menu Help > About)?
Additionally, if you open the Plugin Manager (type in _PluginManager) what is the state of V-Ray in that list?
Lastly, when attempting to set V-Ray as the current renderer what exactly is printed in the Rhino command panel?

Hi I am using Rhino 8.2.23346, and it says its up to date, I have downloaded the latest vray which has an option for Rhino 8 Version 6.20.01 - I go to select the renderer but as soon as I close the properties tab the command line says Rhino Render selected.

I’m having this exact same issue.

@Thomas_Boundary @CallmeCatbread
Could you try:
Run _PluginManager
In that dialog click the Install… button
browse to:
C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for Rhinoceros\V8
double click VRayForRhino.rhp

I was having issues a while back getting to run Vray in Rhino 8 and that solved it for me.

Hello Peter,
Is there a way to use V-Ray 5 with Rhino 8 or is V-Ray 6 needed?

Hello, Bjorn,
V-Ray 5 does not work with Rhino 8. Only V-Ray 6 runs on Rhino 8.
The latest V-Ray update (v6.20.02 or later) is recommended as it contains a number of improvements to its Rhino 8 support.

So i have just done the Vray update and here again! says plugin is loaded but just cannot be set as the plugin