Rhino 8 Vray 6 loading Problem

When I want to use Vray 6 in Rhino 8 it doesn’t load the plugin, when I change to the Vray renderer it switches back to the standard renderer and the following message sometimes appears the first time.

In order to be able to use Vray in Rhino 8 I first have to start Rhino 7 and set the renderer to Vray and then start Rhino 8 with the addition NetCore and then select Vray there which leads to a freeze but after a restart Vray strangely runs in Rhino 8 in NetCore and NetFx and every time an update is installed.

Vray 5 was much more stable in this regard and I hope a Vray developer reads this so that the error can finally be corrected, because it can’t be that you have to take such detours to get an expensive plugin to work.


This makes no sense, both programs are completely separate. There is no shared settings file or smt.

V-Ray is not .NET application, installing .NET or .NET Framework makes no difference

That is some sort of coincidence. Most probably some settings get reset.

The reason for the message is network related. For some reason the IPC cannot connect. It could be firewall, proxy, antivirus blocking the port, anything like that.

Would it be possible to contact Chaos support. A developer will join the conversation

I just installed the latest Vray 6 update (hotfix 4) and when I try to render through Cuda/RTX (rtx 2060) Rhino 8 crashes.
(Before updating Vray 6 everything worked fine; I suspect that this latest update creates problems.)

It doesn’t make sense to me either but it’s the only way for me to get Vray 6 to work in Rhino 8.
Today I wrote to support on the Chaos site and explained it.

Hi Davide,

If it is happening with specific scene(s), please open a ticket https://support.chaos.com/hc/en-us/requests/new by choosing 3D and Rendering Help under Request type, and we will take a look.
551.86 is the recommended driver now (see here).
Please be informed about this and take it into account.

We may need some of these scenes for the investigation.
Best will be to use V-Ray > Pack Project and attach it via the mentioned above form.

Waiting for the continuance in a ticket.

I already opened a ticket with Chaos/Vray.
The nVidia video driver is updated to the latest version (555.85), never had any problems.
Rhino 8 crashes on any file, scene type, if rendered with GPU (Cuda/RTX).

Could you please share the ticket number?


Hi Davide,

I saw that the issue has been resolved and it was due to NVIDIA driver version.
Please follow our GPU page where the recommended one is mentioned.

Enjoy your work with V-Ray.

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