VRay for Rhino fails to load in V8


I have a problem too, I got after opening Rhino 8! Any workaround for it?
on the other hand Vray is working properly in R7

this is a generic error and could be caused by a million reasons. Contact Chaos Support, the guys there will figure it out.

@Nikolay I had the same. I had to manually point Rhino 8 to the correct rhp and restart Rhino.
@huss191998 Can you try to do the same and see if this resolves your issue?

Go to plugin manager and install …
browse to C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for Rhinoceros\V8
install the VrayForRhino.rhp in that folder.
Restart Rhino.

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Awesome, works like a charm! :smile:

@huss191998 good to hear that solves it for you.
@Nikolay could it be that Rhino 8 is trying to load the V7 rhp instead?

That is probably the case, but we register the V8 .rhp separately. However until now the V8 .rhp was built against the V7 SDK (since no V8 SDK). So I guess in case of very old V-Ray with very preliminary V8 support (say V-Ray 5.x or early 6.x) and very latest V8 (say the BETA, where it has SDK and expects plugins to be built with that SDK) - that might be it