Vray for rhino safe frame not updating

Hi! I just updated the newest vray and I don’t know that the update is the reason but somehow
my safeframe is not updating to match the render output size in the vray asset editor.
Could anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

the reason for not updating the safe frame is due to the fact that V-Ray no longer updates the Rhino rendering resolution, which the safe frame is based upon.
That was on a request by McNeel dev team, since it breaks some workflow of theirs.

oh will it be fixed?

I was not broken in a first place, so nothing to fix on our side.
This is the topic about the removal, you can drop a note there if you like

That’s a news… unfortunately not a good one.
So does this mean that now we have to match the ratio numbers also in the Rhino rendering panel in order to have it displayed correctly?
Or any workaround?

Having in mind the aforementioned issue in the other thread, we’re quite open for suggestions

Yes, I made that request, because when Rhino is set as current renderer, Vray was still changing the render resolution when the file is loaded.

I would say that Vray should change the render resolution of Rhino to match it with Vray, when Vray is set as the active renderer.

If the above is not feasible, then I will ask what we can do on our end.

Mind that this fixes almost nothing. If the receiving party gets a non V-Ray enabled file, he/she must know that in advance and disable V-Ray beforehand. This is quite cumbersome, many people will simply not know or forget about this little nuance.
Furthermore, upon opening a file V-Ray will make changes to the file even if it is not a current renderer, but Rhino will clear the modification flag and the file will look like unchanged.
The modifications include mostly V-Ray data (incl. materials and textures), but a top of that:

  • Rhino Safe frame on/off state
  • Rhino Sun state (incl. intensity, orientation, etc.)
  • Rhino Ground plane on/off state (without the material assignment)

The update to the resolution was simply removed from this list couple of weeks ago

@Nikolay @Gijs
Just so I understand well, as of today, SafeFrame+V-Ray is currently no longer possible?

I thought I was going crazy for about an hour why it wouldn’t adapt the safeframe live area anymore, no matter what I enter under “Render Output” in the V-Ray settings.

To be clear: the synching is back!
We had what Gijs requested for as long as version only, and since there were tons of people complaining about the lack of sync, we decided to get that back.

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Oh thank you.

Could you please report the version of V-Ray where it’s back, so I can double-check with our company’s system admin?

It is 6.20.02, as stated in the release notes