Vray modifies resolution even when not set as current

@Nikolay I noticed that even when Vray is not set as the current renderer, a document that has set a certain size for the resolution and quality in render settings is overwritten on opening:
When I load protect Vray plugin:

When Vray plugin is enabled it modifies those settings to Vray’s default:


Yes, that is true. and has always been true if the plugin is activated.
Some other settings like SafeFrame is also modified in the same manner.

If this is unwanted behavior I’ll change it to modify the numbers only if V-Ray is a current renderer

I ran into it when I needed to test things out in Rhino Render. This makes sharing files with people that have VRay loaded tricky. I think it makes sense to not modify the settings when VRay is not current. Maybe it could even made in such a way that it doesn’t change those settings until at least one render is made or someone opens the VRay settings.

In other words, say I have VRay as my current renderer, I open a file from a customer that I need to check out, it will already have modified it. It would be nice if it didn’t do that, so that I can still switch to Rhino Render knowing no settings have been changed by VRay.

I’d rather not change the Rhino resolution at all. V-Ray never looks at the numbers in that panel, only sets them for historic reasons

ah okay, in that case, yes that’s even better, thanks!