Vray background HDR missing after render export

Hi. I cant figure this out. All of my HDR rendering work fine when using the dome light. I have one image where I needed to use a sun to have a “sun” higher in the sky with the background color that I need. So, I set up a sun light and used an HDR as an environment map. Everything renders fine, but when i export the channels the images all omit the background and makes all of the glass transparent. Its very strange. Any help would be very appreciated! Vray for rhino v3.4.

Image_01 is what the render should look like.

Image_02 is what I get when exported.

I found a solution. Here it is for anyone else who has this issue. It can be found in this thread on Chaos Group Forums.


Originally posted by Raven
Hi Palosanto

If you want to remove the alpha and see the background in photoshop do the following.
Open the image in photoshop.
go to the Layer menu -> Layer Mask -> From Transparency.
This creates a new layer mask.
Now delete the layer mask in your Layers panel.
Your layer should now have no transparency and you background should be visible.
It is one of the tricks with image formats that don’t use a separate alpha channel, but rather transparency values for each pixel."

Interesting workflow. Thank you for sharing it. :slight_smile: