Need help with Vray background

I’m trying to create a mono-color background in Vray and I can’t seem to get it right’
It looks right in the frame buffer but not in the jpg once I save it
The first image is what I see in the frame buffer
The second image is what I get when I Save
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

Did you include alpha channel by mistake when saving?
also how do you apply the background color?

I tried to reproduce your issue but I couldn’t

Here is my Framebuffer:

and below is my output jpeg.

Just disable the alpha channel in your favourite image editing software. Here I use GIMP

Thanks for the replies
tay.0 - could you share your background settings when you have a minute? You’re getting what I’m trying to achieve
My frame buffer looks just like yours
Nathan - I’m not sure where I would set alpha to Not Save and there doesn’t seem to be an option to uncheck alpha in Affinity photo
I have an infinite plane with a wrapper to cast shadows in the scene
This is my background setting
The color is coming from the color slot

And another try
I saved all channels to one file and opened it in Affinity
Affinity can see the alpha channel and I can turn it off but the infinite plane is still in front of the background color - unlike tay.0’s image

Hello @arail .

To Achieve this effect you need to use the Vray-Mtl Wrapper (Technically Known as shadow catcher) with a combination of 1- invisible dome light for lighting and reflections and 2- a matte color background. here is the result.

Here is the Alpha Channel in case you need it.

Below are the Vray Mtl Wrapper settings I used:

Dome Light Settings:

See attached file for your reference.
Vray-GreenScreen.3dm (468.3 KB)

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Thank you so much tay.0
I’ll open the file after work and learn from it
This really is a great forum

An other trick to avoid a transparent background is to use a dome light with your needed color/texture and if you disable “Affect Diffuse/Specular/Reflection” than you get what you missed - a background without alpha.

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And there it is - problem solved
Thanks so much for your help
I’m moving from Thea to V-Ray and this was a big help