Vray and VisualARQ issues


I have some issues with VisuaARQ and Vray. The first thing I have noticed (what was hard to miss) was that when I was rendering anything with Vray half of the geometry was disappearing. Everything was appearing at the begging of the render but then after a microsecond, half of the objects just vanished from the render (both Rhino and VIsualARQ objects. After some test, I realised that it’s something with the VisualARQ Sections and Levels. Meaning when I have a level or section (which cuts the geometry) toggled then the problem appears. When I am using normal clipping planes it works fine.

The second issue was when I turned Vray on. After getting some renders I couldn’t see lines and objects when drawing. Meaning that I couldn’t see a preview of a polyline before I actually created it. I don’t know if it’s VisualARQ connected but in general, I am having some wired performance issues that I have described in this topic Visual arq slow performance - #15 by fsalla. I have a feeling its because its something between Vray and VARQ.


Did that happen during the Interactive Render? VisualARQ doesn’t support it (we are working on that), so this may explain that issue.
If that’s not the case, we may require a copy of your model, and know which Rhino, VRay and VisualARQ versions you have, in order to reproduce it. In any case, try to run the render from the Rhino render button.

We need the model as well to reproduce this problem, and the VRay version you have. Also some screenshots to better understand what’s happening would help.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hey! Yes, you are right it’s only the interactive render! I am sorry for not checking that myself. In terms of the other bug, it disappeared after I restarted Rhino so it was probably a problem with the file itself? Regardless let me know if you still want me to share the file.


Hi @mijalskid17, no need to send the 3dm file. I’ll let you know when we make VisualARQ work properly with the VRay Interactive Render.
Regarding the other bug, just let me know if it ever happens again and if you can figure out the steps to reproduce it.

@mijalskid17 I’ve noticed a temporary workaround for interactive rendering with visualarq geometry. Start by Hiding everything but a simple rhino object, run the interactive render with just that object, and then Show everything else while the render is running. This seems to often force the interactive render to include everything else. Let me know if this works for you as well.

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Yes, this works for me as well!

I have just encountered another issue. I have curtain wall style with glass panels in a separate layer for the material. When I render I hide the glass layer leaving the frame on, but the glass renders regardless.


Hi @mijalskid17, I could reproduce this error you describe when rendering the glass component even if it’s hidden. I’ll let you know when we figure out what’s happening.

Hi @mijalskid17 we have fixed this issue in VisualARQ 2.11, which is already available to download: VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ