Bug: Certain lines not appearing in section views

Hi All,

I’ve been using Visualarq for automating shop drawings, among other things. However, on this particular object, certain lines are not displaying correctly in section views (nor do they print). They show correctly in the hidden viewport. Does anyone have any fixes/workarounds? Unfortunately I can’t share the file due to it being an ongoing project, apologies if this makes it difficult to help.

EDIT: It works if the object is exploded, but I’d prefer to be able to keep it as a closed polysurface.

Hello @brynmurrell97,

Which Rhino and VisualARQ versions are you using? I understand that you cannot send us the whole file, but we would need only the object where you are getting this error to figure it out, could you send us just this object to VisualARQ? visualarq@asuni.com