Vray 360 panoramic rendering

i would like to render a 360 deg panoramic scene.
vray somehow only generates a 180 deg scene.

cam type: spherical
override fov: checked and 360
ratio 2:1

any ideas what i missed?

That’s odd, it’s works for me.

Maybe try it again on a new view?

Looks like it only works from a perspective camera. Are you trying to do it from an Ortho view perhaps?

no, i think i’m taking the right cam.

Hmmm…settings look ok to me. That’s exactly what I have.

The only other thing to check is that you have the latest release of vray2? Otherwise I’m out of ideas, sorry!

hi, i’m sure it is not the very latest one. but it is still a 2.something.

as a work around i can do 2 renderings with 1:1 ratio and stich them. but hmmm…Uploading…

Or download the latest release (2.00.25962) from the chaos group’s website?

You should absolutely check for the latest SR. They are on SR#3 currently.