How to create 360 pics in rhino and vr demo

how to create 360 pics in rhino and vr demo
thank you

Not sure if native renderer can do it. But you can use Vray with 360 spherical output

could you explen me where can i found this ?

I don’t think it comes within Rhino, that you need to install a third-party tool.

Vray is a commercial render software that is not free, but you can use a trial to test it out

Another option is to export rhino to unreal engine and do a VR project.

I think your best option is to get Twinmotion (Render Engine) , since it is much easier to learn and use.

Here is a video on how to do it

Download Twinmotion from here:

Hi @netasoreq
Take a look at Rhino Vray 360 VR Render Tutorial - YouTube
I Googled “vray spherical camera rhino” - no exactly rocket science.
HTH, Jakob

thank you. I watch this video, but I didn’t found the option in my Rhino .
could you help me to found it in my screen shoots?

As already mentioned, you need to have Vray installed. Rhino doesn’t have a build-in spherical camera.

EDIT Argh, sorry - you have! I haven’t used Vray for years, so the interface doesn’t mean much to me - you need to check the help file or wait for someone else to chime in - sorry.

OK - look here - it looks as if the camera is in the asset editor (the first icon in the toolbar) in the settings section (the small gear). Look at 2.45 in the same video.
HTH, Jakob