Stereoscopic 360 Degree Panoramas - Are Such Exports Possible?

Hello folks. I am brand new to Rhino5 and I am not a designer. I am a photographer trying to learn more about the program so that I can better guide an architect I’m working with in his renderings.

In my research I have found that Rhino5 can export spherical 360 panoramic images like the one I have attached below – by using VRay. Please let me know if there is a better way/method to do this.

What I am now looking to do is to have the architect export Stereo Spherical 360 Panoramic Images so that I may input them into a program called PanotourPRO for viewing on VR goggles in 3D rather than just plain old 360 However, in my searches I have not found much mention of stereo support in Rhino5, and so I am hoping to learn some new info here!

Below is a plain 360 render, and this is how it looks when presented:

For 3D as you all know, we’d need to be able to export 2 of these. Is it possible???


Under Options View there is an option for hardware 3D shutter goggles. I’ve never used it, only the anaglyph. Dunno about 360.

I think VfR3 is the best way to render stereo panos of interiors. Last I did a test and it works. VfR3 is quite young and more beta than final, but you can do it quite straight forward.

Also I found the little tool sView - it can be used as stereo pano slideshow viewer. Very simple, no VR coding needed. I’m very happy to found it. At the moment I’m waiting for 4K HMD will be on market and use a simple steroscopic viewer like this:

Here the rendering of the unfinished test (forum restriction 3MB, so very strong packed JPG):

Octane should do it too, but I suppose so it needs a lot of calculation power.

This is the result you can quickly get in V-Ray 3 For Rhino by selecting Panorama and Stereo in the camera settings. Is this what you are looking for?


Matt! That looks about perfect. I will talk to the architect and direct him to export in the same fashion. AWESOME!

Not forget for creating VR tours, the nice service from

Tes it is posible:

Last post is advertisement for a pano photography service only, not render or Rhino related.

FWIW, I could hook up creation of equirectangular panoramas from Raytraced eventually (and very likely will) so that you can create HDRi env textures from your own scenes.

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@jesterking has this been added in the meantime?

I’d like to render images for my Oculus / Meta VR goggles. I’ve used Keyshot to do that in the past but I like to do as much as possible in Rhino.


No, it hasn’t been added yet.



Thanks guys, looking forward to it…