Modelo VR Tour

I am looking for anyone who may have done some 360 Panaroma VR tours with the Modelo software…

Rendering quality at the the level of Flamingo nXt minimum requirement

I’m not sure what your question is - I did it per Vray for Rhino 2 and Pano2VR.

Hi @neilarmstron

If you haven’t seen it already, there’s an example on
I’m guessing it’s rendered in V-ray, but might be something else.

HTH, Jakob

Hi, thank you for the reply…from everything I found via google, only Vray for Rhino will give me the 360 panorama I need…

I contacted my local Vray dealer and they where not sure if it did…so I am awaiting confirmation…

Is the Vray software you used the most current version?

V-Ray for Rhino 3 is capable of rendering this easily. You just have to select “VR Cubemap” as camera type and swith on “Stereo”.
Check this page for more information:
You’ll find there example files like “Church on the water” that is excellent.
I used Scope ( to easily use these cubemap on phones.