Vray freezing when rendering with spherical camera

Hey All,I’m trying to make a 360 degree spherical rendering in Rhino using Vray 1.5. This is something I’ve successfully done before, but now I’m having issues with it. I can render out regular (non-spherical) images, and the images take about 5 minutes, but when I set the camera to Spherical and hit render, the renderer initiates but then stalls.

I’ve let it go for as long as an hour, but it makes no progress. I also cannot cancel the rendering. I can close Rhino it will still be running in the background. I actually have to go to the task manager to force quit rhino.Here is an album showing where the render stalls, my render settings, and a non-spherical image rendering just fine.


Has anybody else had a problem similar to this, either with spherical cameras or regular images? Any guesses as to what may be causing it?

Alright, so I’ve finally figured it out and I’m going to post the answer for future pissed of renderers. The problem came from 2 materials that had displacement maps. For what ever reason, Vray’s spherical camera in Rhino will not render a scene with materials that have displacement maps. I’m mainly talking about bitmap displacement. I haven’t tried any procedural displacement, so I cannot vouch for that.

Anyone have any ideas how to get bitmap based displacement to work with the spherical camera? I’ve used bump maps for now, but it would be great to have the actual displacement maps working.

Hi, you should check out chaosgroups forum, they are extremely helpful and you often get help from developers (like here).