Voronoy surface with version 7

Voronoy ball

The thread 3D voronoi discusses how to create such a shape using something called topologizer with the Dendro plugin.

In Version 7, is it possible to create such a shape perhaps with SubD, i.e. without extra plugins?

In the end I want to use this method as the basis for modelling a strangler fig growing along a pipe, or maybe around a torus. It doesn’t need to be super realistic, just needs to look nice to get the idea across.

Check this topic.

Thanks! However, the structure pictured in that thread looks very different, not really organic. All the nodes have the same thickness, which looks unnatural. Compare that to the sphere in the thread that I linked.

Anyhow, maybe Rhino is not the right tool. Blender or z-brush come to mind for sculpting organic shapes, but I would need to learn them first. :grin: