Urgent: Creating a voronoi pattern on a circled surface


I am having massive trouble on creating a parametric voronoi pattern on a extruded circle surface in Rhino Grasshopper plugin.

Here are mockups of how it should look and the grasshopper file.

The pattern needs to be added on the bottom disk and shouldn’t be intersected with the body named ‘‘ALT GOLGELIK’’

The disk which need Pattern is settled with a huge RED NOTE on it!

Any help would be highly appreciated!

I can provide additional files or sketches if needed.

GrasshopperDocument.gh (36.4 KB)

Rhinoceros Document.3dm (90.9 KB)

What you sketched on the piece of cardboard looks more like an ice ray lattice than a Vornoi pattern. Are you sure that’s what you’re after?

Anyway, here’s an example on how to do the Vornoi pattern:

GrasshopperDocument-rev.gh (46.6 KB)

Thank you very much, the pattern on the mockup has been a quick sketch without any referances that is supposed to be “voronoi” pattern!

This one also works for me perfectly. Thanks for the all the help I really appreciate it.

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