Voronoi pattern


Im trying to do some pannel with grasshopper and i would like to know if its possible to generate something from voronoi tools (or another one) like the picture attached. At the moment i have something too “regular” for me. Is it possible to manage the lengh of voronoi cells?

Thanks for your help.

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It doesn’t look like a voronoi pattern. Even taken into account some pretty drastic one-dimensional scaling performed afterwards. Some of those cells look almost concave, which is not possible with voronoi.

You could also test Substrate a Grasshopper component duplicating this type of work
or Gilbert Tesselation
ceramic crack

Making a Voronoi lampshade is easy enough, but I didn’t have much luck getting it to look like your image. Tried and removed a few things… The way the holes are stretched horizontally isn’t easy to achieve. It’s almost as if the Voronoi pattern were applied to a vertically distorted shape and then scaled only in ‘Z’ to get the result seen in your image.

AnemonePolygon_2017Dec30a.gh (20.9 KB)

Not quite what I expected but interesting? There are four different parameters that can be set: ‘PopGeo N’ input, random ‘Reduce’ count and two seed values, Five including the scale ‘Z’ factor.

lampshade_2017Dec30b.gh (26.3 KB)

Brutally slow due to ‘SrfSplit’…


Wow its almost exactly the same…! Impressive… However, i cant get the end of the script because of the plugin you used i guess. Where can i find Clippercomponents wich is necessary to read your complete script?

Thanks a lot!


For experimenting with parameters to find other patterns, you can disable ‘SrfSplit’ and play with component previews to get better response. When you find something you like, re-enable ‘SrfSplit’.

lampshade_2017Dec30b.gh (16.3 KB)

problem with downloading this plugin…