Voronoi pattern on non square surface

i’m started learning grasshopper. This are my first steps in it.
I’m courious how to nicely project voronoi pattern on such surface with voronoi cells inside surface.

Forgot one thing. Generally i’ve populated geometry. But i’m trying to find how to force it to just generate full cells inside that surface with hole.

Hi Alex,

Two-dimensional Vornoi patterns can only be evaluated for rectangular boundaries.
A common practice is thus to simply do that and trim the surplus cells.

In the future, please make it a habit to post your files if you have questions.

alex-vornoi.gh (7.1 KB)

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Following the file that @diff-arch created, you can continue using the anemone plugin for the Lloyd’s algorithm and create cells of equal size (approx. and not in all cases),
See a comparison between one iteration (I) and ten iterations (II).

alex-vornoi-with-lloyds-algorithm.gh (12.1 KB)

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