Mystery pattern?


I want to recreate a pattern like this. any ideas?

Take a look here.

Take a look at the Vornoi component, but be aware that it has been used a lot. :wink:
The deformation of shadow on the wall, might be achieved with an attractor at the position of the lamp and/or different point densities that generate the Vornoi pattern in the first place.
Finally you can smooth, round, interpolate the Vornoi cells to get the rounded effect.

A concept approach, not a final solution, but likely in the right direction.

Please note that this solution has the lines created as shortest distance between points.
It does NOT follow the sphere face. It only gives the impression of a sphere due to the amount of pipes, if there were significantly less, the definition would start to look more like a polygon than a sphere. (8.2 KB)

Hey Karl
If you look at the description it is written Voronoi