Kindly I need a help.
If I want to do a 3d voronoi using grasshopper for a cylinder how?? I tried and the 3D voronoi always take shape of a box

You basically create the bounding box of the cylinder in question and grow it a little by scaling it.
Then you populate its volume with points and create a three-dimensional Vornoi structure from these points and the bounding box as the region.
Now you can intersect the Vornoi cells with the cylinder and you should be done.

Check this thread for an example:

Did you see this message thread:


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thank you so much for the help it is working but I have a new problem that I convert the 3d to mesh and give it mesh thicken bcause I want to make 3d printing to it need to have thickness, after that I am trying mesh union but not working. any help
and thank you again
here is the

tajrubeh3.gh (11.0 KB)

I missed your last reply - are you still dealing with this issue? If so - (1) do you want the Voronoi to have it’s internal struts, or do you want only the ones that form the top, bottom, and sides of the cylinder, and (2) why do you want to convert the results to a mesh? If you want to smooth out the pipe connection you can try using Multipipe instead of just Pipe.

For 3D printing most people (including me) end up with one or more Closed Breps, and then export these as an STL file. Converting to a mesh before exporting runs the risk of introducing errors into the final result and these can be difficult to resolve.

Also - take a look at this message thread - it is almost exactly the same as your original question: